The Zapper 2.0 is a car that appears in the Future Attack DLC. it is a Jetcar.


(A car that killed it's very own tester as well as being hyper-fast. It took so long for it to be produced that Eldrith Tech did not have a lot of materials for other vehicles.)


It is really fast and has bad handling. The car is very powerful and has strong braking to prevent the player from skidding off the map. It also has the ability to zap and temporarily disable enemy vehicles and people.


  • It is based off the Deltawing.
  • It is based off the Zapper from Just Cause 4: Karthstan. They even have an ability to zap things.
  • It is the fastest car in the game at 310 MPH.
  • Though not mentioned in the description, just 1 was made and it can only be purchased once.

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