The Yuri Kravoy is a vehicle in Just Cause: Paradiso Islands.
IMG 0614


It is a small utility truck, based on the ZIL-130. Being a truck, it has a relatively low top speed of 82 mph, but it counteracts this by being able to push most small things out of its way.
IMG 0615
ZiL 130 (with tank semi trailer)

Version with gas tanker attached.

Sometimes, when driving one, Rico will say it is like a "Soviet Stria Obrero"(Credit to GMRE).

It's usually a dump truck, but there's a rarer version with a semi-trailer gas/fuel tank. This is obviously quite explosive when damaged.


  • An abandoned one can be found at X:998 Y:2341.
  • A few are parked at the Raindown Sawmill.
  • One is wanted for a Vehicle Delivery sidemission.
  • It can occasionally spawn with a semi-trailer attached.


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