World on Fire is the final mission in Just Cause Unity.


Introduction Edit

"The islands are reunited, apart from one: Gran Budgaria. Ordenado is waiting on Eden Airship 02 for Rico. Prepare for battle."

It is advised to upgrade the Solium Mech before attempting the mission.

Walkthrough Edit

Armonia contacts Rico, telling him to finally put an end to Ordenado's regime. The man himself then interrupts the briefing, telling Rico to come fight him. Rico immediately swears down that he will kill him and destroy his army.

The ARF then ready the mech for Rico, attaching boosters to the back to help it get up to Cumulous.

Rico gets in the mech, takes off and then the player gets control.

The player is tasked with defeating the entire Elite Air Force, which is a difficult task, even considering how powerful the Solium Mech is. When the player defeats the barrage of CS8 Lightninghawks and STN T-12 Vipers, they can proceed to the Airship.

The player then smashes into the Cumulous with a shoulder barge, alarms start to sound and then the MCH-X, Pablo Ordenado's mech is revealed.

The fight starts, the player has to put their full concentration into the battle, as the MCH-X outperforms some of the best mechs, including the player's.

Once the battle is over, the Cumulous's Bavarium Core starts to overheat due to the age of the ship, Rico immediately has the idea to destroy the ship as well, the player is then put in a QTE where they have to repeatedly force punch the core.

The core begins to collapse, the player has to escape. Fast. The player has to leave the mech and Bavarium Wingsuit out the ship. A massive explosion happens, causing the ship to go down into the city, which was evacuated before the mission due to the "Terrorist Threat".

A cutscene starts showing the Cumulous going down, smashing into the Parliament Building and landing in the sea. The screen fades to black, Rico is shown on a yacht off the coast of Fuego, enjoying a nice martini with Sheldon and Armonia. Rico then says "Just a bigger Excelsior." Credits Start.