Welcome to Paradise! is a mission in Just Cause Unity.


Rico still wants to live up to his reputation as a dictator removal specialist. Tom gives him word about an island chain off the coast of Africa: Islas Budgarias, which are ruled by 3 dictators who want to use the materials found on these islands to destroy Spain.

The Spanish Government then comes and collects Rico, knowing he would be their only chance against the rulers of the Islands. Rico is then flew to the islands in a CS Cargostar jet.

The Cargostar gets shot down off the coast of Tierranada, the southern most island. Rico then Bavarium wingsuits out of the burning wreck, the player then takes control of Rico.

The mission starts when Rico is out of the Cargostar. The mission teaches the player the Bavarium Wingsuit controls. Tom contacts Rico through the CommLink and explains what the hell is going on here (theres a huge war between the islands). Once Rico lands the player is taught the basics of the game. On the beach there is a large military presence, yet a package lies in cover. Rico opens the package to find a Hatchan 04 and Holdt R4 Pitbulls. The player is then taught how to shoot people and use the Hatchan 04.

Once the soldiers are defeated, a Weimaraner spawns and the player drives to an Agency safehouse, while being taught how to drive.