Welcome to Karthstan, our new friend! is the first mission in QWTF spy's JC4.


After the dictator Said Farrah calls the Agency to discuss the insurgency, the Agency sends their best agents, Maria Kane and Tom Sheldon. Rico is forced to go with them and is displeased that the Agency is helping a dictator rather than overthrowing him. They board a plane and leave for Karthstan.

Rico wonders "What is the point of helping a dictator?" to Sheldon, however, Sheldon dodges the question, an unexpected Sandstorm has been brewing in Kanushahr and they detour to Al-Fakkalla airport. Once the gang gets off the plane, they are captured by The Rahmani and are held prisoner by them.

Rico's grappler is in The Rahmani's possession but decides to take it to the prison to interrogate Rico about it, but before they can interrogate them, Rico finds a way out of their cell and regains his grappler and some guns after taking out the guards. Rico then frees the gang and fights their way out until reaching outside and being rescued by the Karthstan Military and are taken to Said's palace to discuss the jobs.

Mission objectivesEdit

  • Find the grappler.
  • Take out the guards.
  • Return to the cell and free your friends.
  • Fight your way out of here.

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