The V-52 APC is an armored personnel carrier developed by the Volosian Republic itself in Just Cause: Volosia.

Visual appearanceEdit

The V-52 APC is based on the North Korean M-2012 6x6 APC, which is a 6x6 variant of their 8x8 M-2012 APC, which in turn is an adaptation of the Soviet BTR-80 APC. While the North Korean variant is available in a 6x6 or 8x8 variant, no such versions of the V-52 exist. Visual changes are applied to remove some resemblance to the M-2012 and instead make a 6x6 BTR-80.


While Volosia was largely satisfied with their Conqueror PBT-32 and Revolutionary MPZ-32 vehicles, they desired a faster APC equipped with heavier anti-aircraft machine guns for fast attack and quick response to combat zones. Volosian industries got to work and not long after that the V-52 was created and tested as an armored personnel carrier. The Volosian military was very pleased with the vehicle's performance and quickly adopted it into their military.

The vehicle is equipped with six smoke grenade dischargers, three on either side of the turret, and a pair of coaxial heavy machine guns located opposite of each other in the turret, designed for fast attack and tearing apart enemy aircraft. The machine guns are capable of eliminating hordes of enemy infantry as well as instituting a no-fly zone, dealing gradual damage to enemy aircraft rather than needing to wait the extra few seconds for a missile to strike a hostile helicopter. The vehicle is designed to be a fast and speedy quick response vehicle and to eliminate light vehicles, infantry, and aircraft.

After the end of the Volosian Republic and the beginning of the Third Volosian Civil War, this vehicle was immediately seized by the factions of the conflict and put into service with them. While the United Volosian Republic has both NATO and the Russian Federation to supply vehicles for them, the Volosian People's Republic and Republican Army of Volosia use this vehicle extensively as an anti-aircraft and fast-attack APC to defend high value locations and bases. While it is easily capable of carrying infantry, it is instead used in combat for its anti-aircraft and anti-personnel capabilities, providing anti-infantry support to Conqueror tanks and leaving actual infantry transport duties to BT-32 APCs.