The V-15 Armored Car is a lightly armored reconnaissance vehicle developed by the Republican Army of Volosia for the Militia of the Volosian Republic.

Visual appearanceEdit

The V-15 Armored Car takes on the visual form of the ABI Armored Car created in Romania for the Romanian Land Forces. There are two variants of the ABI, armed and unarmed, and the V-15 Armored Car is available in both of these variants as well.

Development historyEdit

The Republican Army of Volosia had long held a secret relationship with the Militia of the Volosian Republic, and one such example of their shadow alliance is the V-15 Armored Car. Created specifically to be a successor to the BMI Husky, the manufacturing and research teams in the Republican Army of Volosia immediately got to work on creating a new, urban-oriented armored car that could be used in the fighting that MVR forces find themselves in. With this in mind, soon the V-15 Armored Car was created, and mass production began immediately before the vehicle was shipped to the MVR. It was told to the public that this was another pre-War development by the original Volosian Republic, but in reality it was created by the post-war RAV.

The vehicle comes equipped with or without a heavy machine gun, and a firing line allowing it to have anti-aircraft or anti-helicopter capability. It is solely used in combat by the Militia of the Volosian Republic, while the Republicans, despite being the manufacturer and inventor of this vehicle, do not use it themselves.