The Urga Fura 255 Extreme 1, Extreme 2 and Extreme 3 are industrial vehicles in fiction by GMRE.
Urga Fura 255 Extreme 1 (front)

Extreme 1.


The truck itself is an older version of the Urga Fura series of off-road capable military trucks.

The name is a reference to KrAZ 255 (the real Soviet truck) and to Urga Fura 570 and to the Scando Track Loader Extreme.

Extreme 1 and 2Edit

It was created in an attempt to give an otherwise slow excavator the mobility of a track. Unfortunately the result is completely pointless for any actual work, because:

  • A normal excavator can be driven from the digging cabin, which is much more efficient than having to climb into the other cab. Excavators need to move frequently while working.
  • The digging arm can't reach as far, because the rear of the truck is a bit higher than an excavator frame.

At least it looks impressive enough to have been mass-produced as a toy in China. Surely every kid has at some point owned a toy truck with an excavator on its back.

Extreme 1 is the older version with cables. The earliest excavators all had cables, until the hydraulics technology was perfected. Extreme 2 has hydraulics, which make the digging arm more powerful, and 4 stabilizing legs.

Extreme 3Edit

This is some kind of an airport aid vehicle. The idea is to use hot jet exhaust to remove ice from airplanes, prior to take-off. As far as I know, only Russia has ever mounted jet engines on the backs of trucks for this purpose. Ice on wings is a serious problem. More about it at wikipedia.


Extreme 1 and 2: Like a loaded military truck: Slow and heavy. The top speed is higher than a tank, but not by much. Probably like 80 km/h, I would imagine.

Extreme 3: Similar to Urga Fura 570, until you turn the engine on. It can be used as either a very powerful Air Propulsion Gun, or as a very fast vehicle, if you point the turret back and don't hold the brake. Some airport workers have reported that it can go up to 290 km/h. How they know this is unknown.


Extreme 1

  • This could be found in some industrial backyards, like at Insula Striate.

Extreme 2

  • Being newer, it could be seen at some construction sites.

Extreme 3

  • It could probably appear at some airport at some snowy mountains.


  • These are made by Urga.


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