The Urga Elephant is a heavy vehicle in Just Cause: Volosia.

Visual appearanceEdit

The Urga Elephant armored vehicle takes on the visual appearance of the Kolun heavy vehicle, a larger version of the Toros armored vehicles, both developed by the Russian Federation. The Kolun has a 4x4 flatbed variant, as well as a 6x6 MRAP variant, and they are the basis vehicles for the Elephant and it’s versions.


Like the Urga Lightning, these vehicles do not have specific designations for each variant.

Elephant MRAPEdit

The MRAP variant is a large beast of a vehicle second only to the Nosorog Series Armored Vehicles, and it is designed to take a heavy load of punishment from all directions and still get its passengers to their destination while shrugging off the enemy fire. It has excellent armor despite its lack of weaponry, and with seating for a squad of ten soldiers, it is also a terrifying vehicle to see on the battlefield. In addition to all of this, it has a ramming capability as well not used by its Russian owners, but perhaps used by Rico.

Elephant FlatbedEdit

Based on the Kolun 4x4 flatbed variant, the elephant flatbed is mostly designed for the hauling of trailers around Russian bases, whether they be filled with supplies or with fuel. Other heavy lifting should be left to other Elephant variants. In terms of gameplay, the flatbed isn't awful for ramming.

Elephant CargoEdit

Visually, this vehicle is a Kolun 6x6 with the large passenger compartment on the rear removed and replaced with a cargo bed. This vehicle is designed for the heavy lifting of the Russian military forces where trailers are not concerned, and the vehicle is more or less designed as a successor to the canon Stria Obrero or Battaille GPT-6. Like all the other Elephant variants it is capable of ramming but it's not something the Russian military itself would do.