The Urga Bison is a Mine-Resistant, Ambush Protected vehicle designed and built by the Russian Federation and supplied to the United Volosian Republic in Just Cause: Volosia.


While the Russian Federation has largely replaced the Urga Bison with the larger and stronger Urga Elephant, many of the Bison vehicles have still gone into reserve storage or been used as a second-hand vehicle. While it is almost impossible to find one being driven by Russian troops in their bases, the Urga Bison is still available from the Russian Federation, after reaching a certain Reputation level with them.

The main user of the Urga Bison is the United Volosian Republic, acquiring the vehicle through lend-lease imports from the Russian Federation's reserve storage. They use it extensively as their main MRAP style vehicle whenever a full-on APC is unnecessary, and it has also been known to patrol United Volosian Republic installations with high value over a 4x4 vehicle.

Visual appearanceEdit

The Bison takes on the appearance of a real Bulat APC designed by the Russian Federation, and while the Bulat is in fact a 6x6 version of the 4x4 BPM-97 MRAP, no such 4x4 Bison exists in the game. In terms of variants, there are only two.


Urga Bison UnarmedEdit

As the name would suggest this is simply an unarmed variant of the Bison, designed for transport through heavy resistance and withstanding ambushes and explosive damage. It is capable of seating eight soldiers in the rear compartment, for a total of ten seats available for infantry transport. It is heavily armored and capable of withstanding plenty of punishment from enemy explosive damage, and as a result it is easily able to protect its passengers inside.

From a gameplay perspective, this vehicle is heavily armored and can take quite a beating from enemy fire, and is also speedy enough to get the player in and out of situations fast. It is designed as a ram-type vehicle similar to the ACV-3 variant of the S&G Leopard, but unlike the Leopard, this vehicle is much faster and blends speed, armor, and ramming power. While the Leopard is more powerful in terms of its ram alone, the Urga Bison also brings speed to the table.

Urga Bison ArmedEdit

The armed version of the Urga Bison is simply a regular unarmed Bison with a remote-controlled machine gun mounted on the roof, capable of being manned by the driver inside of the vehicle. With new weaponry installed, the Urga Bison is now capable of defending itself and punching its way through light infantry-based resistance, to soften the surrounding area before its infantry passengers disembark. The machine gun is also suitable for anti-aircraft and anti-light-vehicle work should the need arise.

From a gameplay perspective, this machine gun is not mannable by an NPC through a hatch like the canon Urga Szturm 63A and CS Baltjdur, instead it is remote-controlled by the player in the driver's seat who can use it and fire it while on the move, like a CS Odjur's main armament. The armed variant is still suited for ramming like its unarmed counterpart, and in fact perhaps the armed version is superior, allowing the player to pepper any survivors with bullets after smashing their way into an enemy-controlled location.



  • The Bulat is in fact a 6x6 variant of the 4x4 BPM-97 MRAP, however the Bison is an individual vehicle without a 4x4 version.
  • These are made by Urga.