The Urga 7S 1897 is a weapon in QWTF spy's JC4.

Black Market descriptionEdit

"A sleek look and good effectiveness is key to making a legendary weapon, due to all of this, many people including Parker Chapman, use this as their primary weapon."

Basic descriptionEdit

Note: This is the first description made by QWTF spy when he first appeared on this wiki, you will never see this type of description again.

The Urga 1897 is based off the Mauser C96, a German pistol manufactured in the 1920s and is still relatively well known for its wide usage. The Urga Muhammad is a similar weapon based on the Mauser guns.

It has been described as the greatest and powerful handgun ever made.

It functions pretty much like the Mauser C96 and holds 17 rounds.

None of the main factions uses this pistol because it is relatively outdated compared to more modern pistols.

Parker uses this weapon as his standard weapon of choice.

Like most pistols, this can be one-wielded or dual-wielded.