Note: This project has been abandoned in view of a more better project. So this is cancelled.

Ugrela or officially the People's Republic of Ugrela is a country for a potential Just Cause 5 created by User:QWTF spy, however, it was cancelled.


Ugrela is inspired by the Philippines, East Timor, and Panau. Ugrela is located in somewhere in Oceania near Australia. It should be considered a mix of Panau and San Esperito.


An Ugrelan river.

Surrounded by beautiful rice fields, forests and mountains that disguise the poverty and suffering that the people face.

21 million people live in Ugrela.

Snow mountains and volcanoes are located in the east of the nation.

Ancient ruins of Ugrela's past are violently destroyed by The People's Army of Ugrela (PAU) under orders of the president to usher in a cultural revolution.


Unlike Panau. Ugrela is a poor communist republic since the 70s under the rule of President Marquise Rodrigo Terte. (based off Duterte, Marcos and Pol Pot)

Previously, Ugrela was a democracy until it suffered a civil war in its past over social issues and the economic collapse, the Communists under Marquise managed to seize power and ended the civil war.


During the civil war. Australia and Indonesia were involved in the fighting, because of this. Ugrela's government is strictly anti-Australian and Anti-Indonesian, this can be seen in the Propaganda televisions and posters.

Most of the media in Ugrela is suppressed and controlled by the government, the only legal newspaper is the Ugrela Star winch just runs government propaganda and does not tell current events happening all over the world, same with the television stations with only hosts one government channel that broadcasts government propaganda daily.

Ugrela is also rife with drug cartels winch the government tries to suppress and destroy with mixed results.

Just like any dictatorship, the people are oppressed and any religion or dissent is outlawed.

Ugrela nation

The Island of Ugrela map.

Relations with Australia are usually quite hostile. Australia has placed ships on patrol in the area to counter a possible invasion by Ugrela. New Zealand also placed its own ships on patrol in the Tasman sea.


Ugrelan language is mostly a combination of Filipino, Tetun, and Indonesian.