Vehicle in Just Cause X: Global eXchange
Type Special purpose attack chopper
Weapons 30-mm dual cannons

Dumb heavy missiles

Rarity Extremely rare
Used by Russian Military

The Black Hand

Speed 570 km/h

The URGA Mstitel M is a vehicle in IronClaw's Just Cause X: Global eXhange series.


This top-of-the line Russian attack helicopter is a modernization of the prototype Mstitel chopper, that went through "field testing" during Medici conflict in 2015. Now the "M" version is fully upgraded and has been put on serial production by Russian factories. Over three hundred of those were made up to 2020.

In the battle over Kyungastan, Russian Peacekeeping Force deployed several Mstitels to counter the USMC and United Democratic Opposition at Koska island. These only appear in large city liberations, and as Base Commanders personal vehicles.

Black Hand has it's own version, that appears only at AirEx station. It's upgraded with even stronger shields and is somewhat more maneuvrable. It appears on Black Hand HEAT levels, and is often used by Shetani.


It's the second most-powerful helicopter in the JCX. It's shields have doubled the duration of the original Mstitel, and polymeric alloys made it's physical hull more durable. More to it, Mstitel-M dual 30-mm cannons are far deadlier then machine-gun caliber miniguns of the first Mstitel. Helicopter's electronics are hardened, so the EMP blast will only disengage the shields, but won't crash it. This however also means that chopper's electronics are crude, lamp-based cards immune to magnetic impulses, but also uncapable of sophisticated operations. Therefore, Mstitel M's missiles are unguided. It can only engag targets at relatively close ranges, and has no stealth technology to jam incoming missiles.


  • It's made by URGA consortium
  • It's a completely fictional vehicle, based on a "Ka-58 Black Ghost" movie prop
  • It's a production modernization of the original Mstitel

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