Vehicle in Just Cause X: Global eXchange
Type Heavy experimental tank
Weapons 152-mm main cannon, dual bavarium splitters, gravitic ram (Russian version)

Gravity repulsion emmiter (Black Hand version)

Rarity Extremely rare
Used by Russian Military

Black Hand

Speed 80 km/h
The URGA Buran is a vehicle in IronClaw's Just Cause X: Global eXchange series.


While American Chimaeras and Tigerclaws dominate the skies, this monstrosity is an undoubtful master of land battles. Armed with a devastating, fast-reloading 152-mm cannon, dual Bavarium splitter turrets, and gravitic ram to smash through obstacles (and enemy vehicles), it makes Imperator Bavarium Tank look like unarmed Tuk-Tuk in comparison. And it has Bavarium shieling that lasts longer, then those on Mstitel.

Burans however are very rare, and only apear twice at Koska island, both times serving as a vehicle for Russian Base commanders. The cost of this tank is supposed to be astranomical.

Black Hand has it's own version of vehicle, devoid of any weapons except a devastating Gravity Disruptor, that evascirates everything and anything with the lenght of invisible "beam", or rather "vector" of energy. Those apear at highest HEAT Levels of the Black Hand, and are guarding key locations at AirEx facility.

There's also a unique version of this vehicle, that can be found in one of the AirEx cargo bays, probably shipped to Caspian region in times of Medici conflict. It's a prototype made by eDEN Corp in cooperation with Edrith Tech, and it's armed with a powerful Gravity Repulsion beam emminter and a coaxial Bavarium splitter.


It is rather fast (for a heavy tank), it has the best protection and most powerful weaponry in JCX. It's nigh unstoppable, with only few vehicles, such as Chimaera, can defeat it. It's also vulnerable to EMP weaponry, which, however, will only lower the shield, not destroy the vehicle itself, as it's components are extremely hardened.


  • It's being manufactured by URGA consortium, but it was developed by Eldrich Tech, a Black Hand associated American company which also works closely with DARPA
  • It is based on real life Black Eagle and Tank of Planck Parametres
  • "Buran" states for "Firestorm" in Russian; it's also the name of Soviet shuttlecraft

Versions Edit

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