The Truth is usually disheartening is the third mission in QWTF spy's JC4.

Mission descriptionEdit

Rico meets Maria at a table in a park near Said Farrah's palace, they discuss why they sent here and what the actual purpose of this was. They hope to find what Sheldon is also hiding.

Rico decides to break into the palace and asks Maria to be in a car at the entrance, he climbs over the wall and passes the guards, he enters the room towards Said's office and hears Sheldon and Said discussing a collusion between the United States government and Said's government.

Sheldon reveals that the real purpose of this mission was to destroy the 4 factions and put down the insurgency to secure oil from Said's government. They head into another room and Rico now shocked by this news decides to steal a document as proof to Maria of the real purpose of their mission, however, a guard spots Rico and sounds the alarm. Rico blasts his way through the guards and escapes with Maria.

He defends their car from enemy forces pursuing them. Once all the pursuers are lost, they arrive at a hideout and make their decision to desert.

Mission ObjectivesEdit

  • Break into Said's Palace.
  • Remain undetected, ugh....
  • Get out of Said's Palace and go to Maria.
  • Defend the car.

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