The Las Maspalas Mafia are a faction in Just Cause Unity.


They are a mafia based in the city of Las Maspalas, they basically run the underground crime scene. They can cause chaos sometimes, including stealing cars from movie sets, but they are covert most of the time. The bosses name is unknown, so most people just call him "The Dark".


In the 1950s, during the massive crime spike in Las Maspalas, a mafia was formed. It instantly took control of the crime in the city, attacking banks and stealing expensive vehicles.


Mafia ScoutEdit

Mafia Scout

These are often found performing smaller jobs, including murders and carjacking.

They wear nice black Italian suits, with a hat and an insignia pinned to the collar

They are usually armed with pistols, but can have melee weapons.

Mafia HeavyEdit

Mafia Heavy

These are found on larger jobs, often bank robberies and large scale vehicle theft.

They wear suits with armor built in, with the same hat and insignia. They are almost always armed with machine guns, but can sometimes have heavy weapons like an STN RPG-8 COBRA.

Mafia BossEdit

There is only one boss, who personally challenges Rico in "Down with the Mafia!". He obviously gets killed. The boss wears a white suit. He will happily personally kill major enemies.

In the mission, he is armed with an M488.


Stria Perfetto ForcellaEdit

They use the Perfetto as a car to get places and hunt. It is their most common vehicle. It can blend into traffic, but will attack Rico if shot at. Never expect to see them during Mafia Heat.

BBW eX4Edit

They use the eX4 as a pursuit vehicle. Their variant has upgraded armor and has machine guns. It will only show up during Mafia Heat, making it difficult to obtain.

HH-X22 Vampire BatEdit

When Rico is in serious Mafia Heat, they will start sending these after Rico. They are nearly identical to the Agency variant.

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