The Hijacking is a hijack of whatever main TV channel your country has in Just Cause: Your Nation. It is made by The Rebellion. It looks identical to the Max Headroom incident and sounds similar to the Southern Television hijacking in that a man dressed up as Max Headroom interrupts the channel 2 times. The 2nd one is the same, but he gets spanked. In both of them, a rebel with a voice changer that makes him sound like an alien mutters sentences that insult Carlett.


  • The Rebellion had enough of Phoenix Carlett oppressing towns.
  • The Rebellion hated Phoenix Carlett.
  • The Rebellion hacked the TV channel and was starting to insult Phoenix Carlett via TV.

What was the rebel speaking?Edit

We don't really know what the rebel was speaking, as he spoke gibberish, however the country's government is deciphering it. After the mission Deciphering, the sentences were finally deciphered. However, it remains a mystery up until The Reveal. Spoiler alert! The words he was speaking were, "Defeat the bad dictator Carlett", "Phoenix Carlett's propaganda is fake because (insert country here) is not the best place to live", ETC.