The Alnnihaya (Arabic: النهاية English translation: The End) is a Karthstani gang that resides in Al-Fakkalla.

Description Edit

The Alnnihaya are the biggest gang in the city of Al-Fakkalla, and they reside in the big tower located in the middle of the city.

Their gang color is yellow, and they're the biggest gang in Al-Fakkalla.

The gang is the most feared in the city, and for good reason. Ammaar al-Akbari was famous for his former occupation as a butcher in his father's shop. When the civil war came around, the war destroyed his dad's shop, but all opportunity in the area was also destroyed. Ammaar, having nothing better to do, rounded up all of his friends and founded the Alnnihaya, a vicious gang with a religious moral code.

Their gang colours include a yellow headscarf with a red headband along with black shirts.

Their weapons are Glocks and Urga Klobbies.

The gang is a pseudo-cult, as they believe humans themselves are inherently evil, and therefore deserved the violence they get towards them. This type of misanthropy has spread a lot of rumors such as they only kill innocent people because they're human beings.

The player better be careful if he/she betrays, insults, or scolds them, because a slow and painful death awaits he/she with no mercy, after they're done torturing him/her to death. And then after that, they hang his/her corpse on a street light like a slaughtered cow in a deli or put his/her skull on a pike as a warning to others.

To be recruited by this gang, one must be of Middle Eastern origin and must be a lowly person such as being bullied, poor, or downright abused by other people in order to join. All rich people are prohibited from recruitment as Al-Fakkalla is full of poor people. There's hardly any rich people to come across.

Their criminal activities include gun running, drug smuggling, drug dealing, and extortion. They have connections to the Australian Mob.

They drive technicals to battle in the streets. Their enemies are literally every gang in the city.

Females are not allowed to join the gang.

Trivia Edit

  • The gang is based off the Vice Kings from Saints Row.
  • Their name when translated into English is "The End".