"Te me wa ore o okora seta, ima shi-ne!" ("You pissed me off, now die!") - To all of the Agency before killing them (Apart from the main characters except Rico.)

"Omae wa mou shindeiru." ("You are already dead.") - To Rico at the end of Just Cause Unity.

Teru Namera (Kanji: 輝 滑) is a character in Just Cause: Frozen Gold.


Teru is the result of an experiment by The Agency to fuse Shetani genes with Rico's genes to make the "Ultimate Life form". This resulted in Teru, the most terrifying thing to exist on this planet. He escaped from the Agency lab and ventured off to Antarctica, where the US was planning to take oil from. With Teru there, who hates the U.S completely, that was impossible.


He shares the immense psychic power that pure Formorians have due to his added Fir De DNA, he is also very strong, being able to lift a tanker with just his bare hands, no psychic power needed. He is obviously able to mind control humans and even weak Shetani. He also has the ability to bounce back lasers like he was a mirror. He can stop, manipulate and break time, making him a sort of g-man. He can easily transfer between timelines and can create paradoxes.

Events of Frozen GoldEdit

He serves as the main antagonist, as he is an enemy to the U.S. Rico sort of sees him as his son, and eventually dies at the hands of Teru. Eventually, due to the crazy time paradox, JCU Rico is revived to fight Teru with some friends from a different universe, but that occurs after Frozen Gold.


  • "Teru Namera" means "glittering" in Japanese.