TechMach T21 Deputat
Weapon in Just Cause X: Global eXchange
Type Gold-plated revolver
Usage One handed
Ammunition .38-20, High Explosve  
Magazine size 6
Used by High ranking officials of the Nova Kyungastan
The TechMach 21 Deputat is a weapon in IronClaw's Just Cause X: Global eXchange series.


This gun was designed as a decorative item for high-ranking Soviet military and KGB officers as a "honorary" item, a nice (and very expensive) addition for the medals. Somewhat over 300 hundred of those were ever made, and seven of them has been distributed in Kyungastan during post-soviet days.

Extremely rare (obviously), these belong to CENTCOM commanders of the Kyungastani Military, another three are owned by the governors of the islands, and the last one is reserved for Karim Gazibagandov himself.

While made by TechMach, the design of this firearm was obviously copied from American revolvers to fit .38-20 caliber, which allows outfitting it with High-Explosive rounds.


It's the second best one-handed gun in JCX; it fires Explosive munitions, and can be used akimbo. Deputat can deal with most infantry types with ease. The only disadvantage of this weapon is that ammunition for it is extremely scarce (and can only be aqquired in ammunition depots, but not on the battlefield)


  • It is made by TechMach Bureau
  • This firearm is based on various Smith and Wesson revolvers.
  • "Deputat" means "Deputy" (which in post-Soviet states is an analogue of the senator) in Russian

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