Vehicle in Just Cause X: Global eXchange
Type Light cargo/utility truck 
Weapons None
Rarity Very common
Used by NKAF

Russian Federation

United Democratic Opposition

Speed 110 km/h
The TechMach Shinshilla is a vehicle in IronClaw's Just Cause X: Global eXhange series.


This is the most prominent Soviet light truck used by the armies of Eastern European nations. Kyungastani military is not an exception. Shinshillas are very common at all three islands, travelling either alone or in armored convoys alongside Kazaks. They transport personnel, munitions and fuel.

Captured trucks are also commonly used by the UDO rebels. Russian Federation prefers heavy Medveds, but occasionally uses these cars too.


It's an average truck with some off-road capabilities and pretty good handling. It's not armored and can be brought down by small arms fire. It can transport up to eight troops.


  • It's made by Soviet TechMach
  • It is based on real life GAZ Shishiga
  • "Shinshilla" means "Chinchilla" in Russian, a type of rat.

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