Vehicle in Just Cause X: Global eXchange
Type Mobile SAM
Weapons Guided AA missiles
Rarity Common
Used by NKAF

United Demoratic Opposition

Speed 75 km/h
The TechMach Osa is a vehicle in IronClaw's Just Cause X: Global eXhange series.


This AA system saw pretty much every conflict since 1980's, be it both Gulf Wars, Libya, Syria, or any other "hot spot" of the Earth one could name. While being quite useful back in the old days, or in fighting between third world countries, Osa is barely a target practice for 2020's HARM missiles.

It's commonly used by both Kyungastani military and United Democratic Opposition against aerial targets, mostly enemy helicopters. It fills the same role as stationary SAMs in previous Just Cause installations.


It has AA-capabilities very similar to Medician SAMs, but are obviosuly mobile and can be used by Rico and his support crews. It fires two missiles per shot, so it's not particulary hard to outmaneuver a single vehicle. They are however quite dangerous in large numbers. Unlike a much more modern mobile SAM, Cherepaha, it can't lock on parachuting or wingsuiting enemies.


  • It's made by Soviet TechMach Bureau
  • It's based on the real life Soviet vehicle 93KK "Osa" or "Gecko" in NATO reporting name.
  • "Osa" states for "Wasp" in Russian
  • Other mobile SAM's in JCX are Russian Cherepaha and MV Dementor

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