Hrom A
Vehicle in Just Cause X: Global eXchange
Type Assault helicopter
Weapons Dumb rockets, heavy missiles
Rarity Average
Used by NKAF
Speed 337 km/h

The TechMach Hrom A is a vehicle in IronClaw's Just Cause X: Global eXhange series.


This is an early version of the Soviet assault chopper, which was gradually modernized over time. It was heavilly used in Afghanistan conflict and it showed rather poor preformance against guided missiles. While heavilly armed and armoured against gunfire, it's just too heavy and non-maneuvrable to avoid incoming missiles, let alone that it lacks jamming technology to bypass them. Russian Federation's modern assault chopper is URGA Gvozd, which export variant is known as Hammerbolt

Kyungastani military has loads and loads of those Hrom A's left from the Soviet days, since the archipelago was supposed to be a launching point for USSR's campaign against Iran back then. It uses these helicopters for patrol duties, city "liberations" and high HEAT lelvels.


It's bulky, it's slow, it's non-maneuvrable, but it packs hell of a lot of firepower and holds up to eight troops in cargo section. It's also pretty much immune for small-arms fire. This chopper is also quite powerful, and it can rip off tethered statues and transport tethered vehicles.


  • It's made by Soviet TechMach Bureau
  • It is a compeletely fictional helicopter. It's based on Rambo "opfor" chopper, an Aerospitale Puma disguised to resemble Soviet Mil Mi24A.
  • "Hrom" means "Chrome" in Russian
  • It's supposed to be the predecessor of more modern Hrom D and advanced/futuristic Gvozd/Hammerbolt helicopters

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