Belka with 75-mm Turret
Belka-T with 40-mm "dumb" rockets
Vehicle in Just Cause X: Global eXchange
Type IFV
Weapons 75-mm main cannon

40-mm rockets (Belka-T)

Rarity Common
Used by NKAF

United Democratic Opposition

Speed 100 km/h
The TechMach/URGA Belka is a vehicle in IronClaw's Just Cause X: Global eXhange series.


This light IFV is the primary armored vehicle of the Nova Kyungastan Military Forces, and they posess it in large numbers, since there have been thousands of them left in Soviet stockpiles. It can be seen almost everywhere around the country - patrolling cities, wastelands, guarding hardpoints and military bases, or even being paradropped during high HEAT Levels.

UDO also commonly use Belkas, but unlike Kyungastani military, which deploys them in numbers, they prefer to use "hit and run" tactics via single IFV. UDO especially values rocket carrier variants, since they are highly mobile but can inflict heavy damage.

Russian Federation prefers to use more modern Shakal instead.


It's relatively fast for an IFV, it has a moderately powerful cannon or dumb rockets ("T"-variant), but it's very badly armored. In fact it's even more fragile, then Bkolos (which was supposed to replace it in the 2000's, but was a very bad vehicle itself, so Russia only made it for exports). However, it's still formidable for fast attacks or on the countrary, it can be used in overwhelming numbers type of tactics.


  • It's made by Soviet TechMach Bureau
  • It's another fictional vehicle, made by photoshopping together BRDM2 and PT76
  • "Belka" stands for "Squirell" in Russian

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