TechMach Dimka
Weapon in Just Cause X: Global eXchange
Type MGL (Multiple Grenade launcher)
Usage Mounted/Two handed (Rico and Shetani)
Ammunition 30x29 мм 
Magazine size 87
Used by Russian Military


United Democratic opposition

The TechMach AGS Dimka is a weapon in IronClaw's Just Cause X: Global eXchange series.


This automatic grenade launcher is the main MGL weapon of the Russian and post-soviet militarties. It's mostly used as a mounted weapon, either vehicle-based, like Kazak-G and Stzurm-63B, or placed on a tripod around hardpoints. Rico and Shetani supersoldiers, however, can rip it off the mount, and use as a hand-held weapon.


It's onw of the main mounted weapon types in Acts I and II of the JCX along with heavy machineguns and ATGM systems. It has a high rate of fire and uses devastating 30-mm grenades capable of swapping both infantry and light combat vehicles out of the battlefield. The only problem with it is that's to heavy to run with it, just like any other "ripped" mounted weapon.


  • It is made by TechMach Bureau
  • This MGL is based on the Real life AGS-17 Plamya.
  • "Dimka" is one of the iterations of the name Dimitri, assigned for grenade launcher inventor.

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