Tank T72 Desert-crop
Vehicle in Just Cause X: Global eXchange
Type Main battle tank
Weapons 125-mm main cannon, 12.7 mm machine gun
Rarity Common
Used by Russian Military (URGA version)

NKAF (TechMach version)

United Democratic Opposition (TechMach version)

Speed 60 km/h
The TechMach/URGA Bokser is a vehicle in IronClaw's Just Cause X: Global eXhange series.


This main battle tank is a backbone of the Nova Kyungastan mlitary, and it's heavily upgraded version is currently used by Russian Federation Peacekeeping Forces as well. It might not be as durable as CS Fulda MBT, neither it has mobility of CS Odjur, but it's still a tank, and it packs hell of a lot of firepower. Not to mention it was produced in great numbers.

It apears on most military installations throughout Kyungastan, and also shows up at higher HEAT Levels.

Russian "upgraded" version is somewhat more durable, and is equipped with reactive armor plating, which protects it from unguided missiles. It appears only at Koska island, where Russian Peacekeeping Forces bases are located.


This tank is obliously slow - both in speed and turret rotation, making it harder to engage multiple enemies. It's quite durable for the Act I, maybe mid-Act II, but when Russian Federation and Black Hand forces shows up, this vehicle would be catching fire in seconds. It also has a medium effective range for it's main weapon, but it's relative firepower is somewhat higher then CS Fulda, as Bokser has a larger caliber cannon.


  • It's made by URGA consortium
  • It is a combination of Real life T72 Ural (TechMach version) and T90MS (URGA version)
  • Bokser stands for "Boxer" (a fighter) in Russian

Versions Edit

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