SPECIAL NOTE: This faction has been officially abandoned, it was just too nonsensical for a simple cult to take over an entire nation. This does not that the Pesmaria project will be abandoned, rather will be remade into something else. EDIT: This cult will make a minor appearance in the remade Pesmaria.

Svarga's Gate is a cult and the main antagonistic organisation in Just Cause: Pesmaria.


Svarga's Gate is a white Hindu cult created by Jakeson Woodrow Wilson in 1980.

Their beliefs are a mix of Hindu and Egyptian mythology. They believe in Hindu goddess Kali and Egyptian goddess Bastet. However, these beliefs are not explained in detail.

Before their eventual rise to power, Svarga's Gate was a just a normal cult that relied on members and donations.

Pesmaria had a collapsing government and Jakeson took an advantage by creating a PMC who really acted as the cult's Armed Forces.


Pesmaria Army

Svarga's Gate soldiers.

Svarga's Gate relies on its army to keep their power. This army is brutal and will do anything to please their masters. They were a PMC founded by Jake himself in order to "keep the peace".

Svarga's Gate is the most heavily armed cult in history, as not only do they have guns, they also have tanks, helicopters, and jets in their inventory. They use them well. However, most of the soldiers were formerly apart of the Pesmaria Armed Forces winch disbanded after the cult took over.

Despite being the Armed Forces of Pesmaria, they're more like a terrorist organisation than a military.

They also have bases and outposts constructed by Svarga's gate.


  • Svarga's Gate was inspired by Eden's Gate from Far Cry 5.
  • Svarga's Gate is the only faction where it's not a professionally armed force which is unlike the Karthstan Military.
  • Svarga is the Hindu equivalent of Heaven.