The Stria Sandblast is a vehicle with variants in Just Cause Unity.

Description Edit

They are based on the Dacia/Renault Duster with hints from the Alfa Romeo Stelvio. The Military and Police forces use them in a role similar to the Weimaraner, as a light patrol car.

Variants Edit

Stria Sandblast MPU

Stria Sandblast MPU Edit

The MPU is an unarmed variant for use by the Military forces. It can survive for a while under constant fire, but will blow up eventually.

Stria Sandblast MPUa Edit

Stria Sandblast MPUa

The MPUa is an armed variant of the MPU, with a mounted machine gun, it pursues Rico after reaching Heat Level 2 along with Mugello Sicarios.


Stria Sandblast Border Patrol

Stria Sandblast Police Edit

Stria Sandblast Police

The Police variant is an unarmed variant for use by the Royal Sucio Police Force as a counterpart to the MPU of the other islands. It is often in a yellow and white colour but a green and white variant can be found at the Santa Grande

International Airport.

Stria Sandblast Civilian. Edit

Stria Sandblast Civilian

The Civilian variant is a normal, unarmed variant with no armour at all. It looks the most modern due to being the facelift model.


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