The Stria Sandblast is a vehicle with variants in Just Cause Unity.


They are based on the Dacia/Renault Duster with hints from the Alfa Romeo Stelvio. The Military and Police forces use them in a role similar to the Weimaraner, as a light patrol car.


Stria Sandblast MPU

Stria Sandblast MPUEdit

The MPU is an unarmed variant for use by the Military forces. It can survive for a while under constant fire, but will blow up eventually.

Stria Sandblast MPUaEdit

Stria Sandblast MPUa
Stria Sandblast Border Patrol

The MPUa is an armed variant of the MPU, with a mounted machine gun, it pursues Rico after reaching Heat Level 2 along with Mugello Sicarios.

Stria Sandblast PoliceEdit

Stria Sandblast Police

The Police variant is an unarmed variant for use by the Royal Sucio Police Force as a counterpart to the MPU of the other islands. It is often in a yellow and white colour but a green and white variant can be found at the Santa Grande International Airport.

Stria Sandblast CivilianEdit

Stria Sandblast Civilian

The Civilian variant is a normal, unarmed variant with no armour at all. It looks the most modern due to being the facelift model.


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