The Stria Perfetto Forcella is a car in Just Cause Unity.


The Perfetto Forcella is a car designed to directly compete with the Autostraad D91 RS and BBW SB3-N. It is mainly based on the Alfa Romeo Giulia QV,with some hints from the Jaguar XE and the Seat Toledo.


Ridiculously quick, with a V6 that totally isn't the engine from the Mugello Florida with two cylinders chopped off. It can be slidey, so is useful for drifts up in the mountains.



The Agency variant is a version that is always black. It is armed with dual machine guns hidden in the grille, and has a Bavarium shield around the windows.


The civilian variant is a version that can be found in any colour, and is unarmed. It is unobtainable through Frigo and Etcetera.

Medici Police DepartmentEdit

This variant is utilized by the new Medician police force in New and Improved Medici. It has a red and dark blue livery.

Stria Perfetto Policia

Medici Police Department Variant