The Stria Mining Truck is a mining truck in QWTF spy's JC4.

Black Market descriptionEdit

"This one is pretty simple, Stria has made this for mining and to compete with Nashorn 6100, they're used by FarrahGold for their mining operations. It can flatten anything but just be careful if you go under this thing's wheel then you're dead."

Versions and locationsEdit

Civilian one:

  • Driven around at some quarry.
  • Some are also parked there.

Technical one:

Apparently all factions have stolen at least one each and converted theirs to armored vehicles by connecting a lot of big panels of sheet metal around the engine and cabin. The combat effectiveness of this large technical is reported to be high. Its main role in battle is spearheading attacks against fortified bases and settlements, because of its specialty to destroy any gates.

  • Parked at various faction-controlled bases.


  • This is the apparent precursor to the Nashorn 6100.
  • Germany also developed an armored vehicle to spearhead attacks against fortified positions during World War II. It was called Rammpanzer Tiger P. Very little is known about it, because less than 5 were made. The only proof that any were made at all is a single photo where one is parked next to some Russian tanks. The German vehicle was a turretless tank with an additional pointy turtle shell-like armored body placed over the vehicle.
  • It's made by Stria.