Stria has made many vehicles in Lavenderonia.

Stria SwitzoEdit

Stria Switzo ClassicEdit

Basically the JC3 Switzo.

Stria Switzo TipperEdit

A tipper variant of the Switzo/Switzo Classic.

Stria Switzo BEdit

The Switzo B is a shuttle bus/taxi. Not much else to say about this bus, but it is commonly used by Lavender Transport. However, is not a bus due to it being classified as a taxi.

Stria Switzo PEdit

The Switzo P is a pickup/flatbed. It is similar to the Tipper, but the P does not tip and the Tipper has a box as opposed to the P.

Stria Campania 210 Edit

Don't get bored by the usual sightings of Lavenderonia! This double-decker bus has all the things you need.

Stria Sonic 67DEdit

This military truck is strong. Used by the Lavenderonia Military and the Rebellion.

Stria Wilberforce Edit

The Wilberforce is a oldie but goodie.



  • What in the world is the "Stria Linckoln"? Did the Stria Pendler get a new name?

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