Storming the Capital! is a mission in Just Cause Unity.

Walkthrough Edit

After stopping the supply of Bavarium to Tierranada, it is finally possible to raid the capital. Ready, Rico and some military come to LSIA.

They get in a Eubus Narwhal cargo plane. The plane is shot down over the city, causing a large explosion, killing most of the soldiers on board.

Rico and the remaining soldiers parachute down, the player is given control. Several Tauros MD13 Ruiners await them. The tanks are quickly hijacked.

Rico and the rest start the charge into the city.

A lot of Tierranada Military force resist the charge, Rico eventually breaks through.

They then get to the palace, where Luciano Debilles awaits in a STN A6-7D Hrom X.

The mission ends with Debilles crashing into the palace.

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