The Special Vehicle Activity is a side mission activity in Just Cause 4: Karthstan.


To find special vehicles, you must find them. They're usually escorted by a convoy and attempting to steal it will result in a Heat Level 4, Rico must lose the heat with the vehicle without leaving or destroying it, they can be easily found with a symbol of a steering wheel.


These special vehicles are usually easter eggs to other games or pop culture. Here's a list of vehicles. The Reward for stealing all special vehicles is an ultimate special vehicle.

  1. Dingo 95.
  2. Forward Albatross Bullet.
  3. KAR156.
  4. Knight Bus.
  5. Mugello Stiffer.
  6. Shiv Winchester.
  7. Stria Carera Religion.
  8. The Ben.
  9. The Trev.
  10. The Villager.
  11. Vengeance.
  12. Walker 6.
  13. Zapper.
  14. Sweet Tooth.
  15. Jalopy.



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