Just Cause lacks functional public transport. Let's change that with some buses.

Fiction by GMRE, but feel free to link here for your own projects any time.


Remember the buses taxis and public transport we've already had? How about if the many available buses actually had like 20+ usable seats and they actually stopped at some normal bus stops and picked up / dispatched passengers? How hard could that be? GTA 2 has that, but the only 3D open world game with it is Mafia 1, or 2.

The closest thing to functional public transport that we've had in the Just Cause Universe is in San Esperito, where pedestrians in cities can often run over to stopped cars and get into the vacant passenger seats. Unfortunately they never get in Ricos car (maybe that's actually good?), but at least Rico can do it to other vehicles.


Taxies could always spawn among normal traffic where they, like the rest of normal traffic, would at times have / not have passengers. But taxies alone are not good enough, so as explained above, let's make use of the buses and bus stops! See the gallery below for what might make interesting vehicles.


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