The Shiv Winchester is a special vehicle in QWTF spy's JC4.

Black Market descriptionEdit

"What is it with being named after a vintage rifle? Anyway, the Shiv Winchester is a star car in various media. Just don't mark that paint job with the dry Middle Eastern desert."

Supern Shiv WinchesterEdit

In the JC4: Supernatural Nightmare DLC, Rico is given an old car by John Wirrawee, who states that "two brothers formerly used this for defeating ghosts like those". Rico uses it in the final mission and battle of DLC defeating the Jinn and the Ghost Ruler. Once the final mission is completed then the Supern Shiv Winchester is unlocked.

This version of the car is much powerful and has special abilities such as slowing down time, an EMP, and a blast ability to destroy a group of enemies. It has a minigun that can be used.


  • The whole vehicle is a reference and parody to the Supernatural TV series which is named after the protagonists. The Winchesters are a joke that is poking fun at their last names being named after the Winchester Rifle.
  • "Shiv" is an improvised knife built by a prisoner. More about this at wikipedia.
  • It needs to be stolen to be unlocked and complete the special vehicle activity.