Sheele Mathers is a character in Just Cause: Cold Blood.


Mathers was raised in South Africa by a Black Hand general to be the next CEO of the Black Hand. She reached 14 by 2014 and saw the horrors being committed by the Black Hand on Insula Lacrima. She then ran away to the United States and was sent over to The Agency, as they promised to help her kill her former carers, and their former allies.

A year later, when Rico arrived on Lacrima and killed every single Black Hand personnel on the island (Apart from a few guys near the runway). She heard this and was inspired, she vowed to assist Rico in Kyungastan, but couldn't due to the fact that the character design doesn't fit, unless Ironclaws decides so due to the Agency not deeming her ready for service in a war-torn area like that.

By 2025, she was sent to the Budgie Islands for assistance to Rico during the age of EDEN.

Events of Just Cause: Cold BloodEdit

In Cold Blood, she is one of the MCs, supporting Rico in taking down EDEN, she is excellent at fighting with SMGs, combined with her incredible agility make her a valuable ally. She is convinced that the Black Hand caused this calamity and will assist at any cost in the fight.

She is calm and sometimes arrogant, and unknowingly has the same Fir De ancestry that Rico does. She tends to wipe out people who annoy her to the slightest.