As for any game, content will not always make into the final product, so User:QWTF spy decided to do something new, scrapped ideas for my fan fiction project. I've a couple of scrapped ideas I intended for my JC4, but I decided that they were too stupid, impractical, or not fit for a Just Cause game.

This a fun page similar to GMRE's pages. I don't think I had many scrapped ideas so this will be short.

Karthstan Police Department's SWATEdit

Like the San Esperito Police Department, the Karthstan Police Department also had a SWAT, however, I deem them unnecessary as they would take up most of the Heat levels, and you going fighting the Karthstan Military anyways for most of the game so why bother including a SWAT for the police? This does not mean that the whole police department will be scrapped, I ensure you that they will have a full appearance in my JC4 but a little downplayed, they appear in Heat level 1 and are gone by Heat level 2.

The SWAT would've driven SWAT trucks and wield CS LAMAS before being scrapped and replaced with the normal police department.

Body ArmourEdit

Yep, I'm serious, I originally intended to include body armour, similar to those found in GTA, they were a pickup you found in certain areas to protect yourself from gunfire and other painful situations.

Body armour

Body armour

Yeah, I listened to the criticism.

Medicine cabinetsEdit

I also intended for Medicine cabinets to reappear in my JC4, like in JC2, you would found them in Gas stations, however, since JC3 introduced regenerating health Medicine cabinets are not necessary anymore.

Medicine cabinet

Medicine cabinets as seen in Just Cause 2.

They retain the same function as Just Cause 2.

Radio stationsEdit

I also wanted Radio stations to appear in Just Cause 4, they had the same gimmick as you would find in other games, you can switch the channel, they were supposed to be 6 radio stations that were to appear in Karthstan, however, since Just Cause has its own music and I felt that radio stations were not needed.

JC4 radio stations


Yup. Multiplayer has been officially scrapped for my JC4, it started with closed in matches because no one would play closed in areas if they can play open world then I scrapped the whole concept of multiplayer. I always intended multiplayer for my JC4 to be developed by Avalanche and not by modders, however, I now see why Avalanche decided to let modders create multiplayer because if Avalanche was implementing multiplayer then cost too many resources and take up development time. Well, it was fun making up those ideas for multiplayer. I will leave it to the modders to develop a multiplayer mod.