The Scando Battle Tractor Mk.2 is a military vehicle in fiction by GMRE.
Scando Battle Tractor Mk.2 (north Korean parade)


North Korea has displayed many domestically built, or domestically modified weapons and vehicles at their parades. These Soviet-style agricultural tractors with multiple rocket launchers on trailers were first shown in 2012 and appeared again in 2013. In 2012 they were dark green, but strangely in 2013 they were all red, which indicates that not even the best Korea keeps these in constant military service. Seriously, you can't make this stuff up. :D

In the Just Cause Universe they were made by Scando in the 1950s. During that part of the cold war Sweden decided to construct some more tractors for civilian use. They were sold at a discount price, because during war the farmers were expected to turn them over to the military to tow trailers with multiple rocket launchers. Obviously they would have preferred something more epic, but they realized that they couldn't possibly compete with Russias production capacity and they needed a cheap, but powerful, weapons system that would be just mobile enough to be moved to the which-ever coastline looked like it might get invaded.
Scando Battle Tractor Mk.2 (launch demonstration)


The tractors are slow, but have an impressive off-roading ability. The trailers do hinder off-road movement, but not by too much, as these tractors were after all designed to tow agricultural equipment on a field.

They are not meant to be used while in motion. The idea is that the tractors would tow the trailers to some area that needs protection and the trailers would then be covered with camouflage nets to make them blend into the surrounding nature.


A number of these are seen in large battles in the JC prequel by GMRE. These were purchased by the game nation in the 1970s, when they became cheaply available from Sweden who had just replaced the last of them with something better.


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