Scando is a vehicle manufacturer featured in multiple fan fiction projects.


Just Cause UnityEdit

According to the PVMC Tracker article, "Tracks are some unknown technology developed by the Scando corporation to take over the world with bulldozers. But other companies started using them and put them on everything: PVMC is one of them companies."


In JC4 Lumeri, Scando is primarily based on Scania, producing one vehicle, the Scando Delta 600D.

List of productsEdit

Name Game Description Image Notes
Scando 1100 Estate Just Cause Unity Basic car
Scando 1100 Estate
Excellent for murderers
Scando 700 Sedan (sleeper) Fiction by GMRE, New and Improved Medici "Sleeper" car
Scando 700 Sedan (race, front)
Scando 700 Sedan (race, rear)
{{Troll face}} 8D 8D 8D
Scando Battle Tractor Mk.2 Fiction by GMRE Tractor-drawn rocket artillery
Scando Battle Tractor Mk.2 (launch demonstration)
Scando Battle Tractor Mk.2 (north Korean parade)
Scando Battle Tractor Mk.5 Fiction by GMRE Self-propelled artillery
Scando Battle Tractor Mk.5 (right side)
Scando Battle Tractor Mk.5 (right rear corner)
Scando C-500-30 Fiction by GMRE Multiple variants (Political/fuel truck, crane, fire truck)
Scando C-500-30 political tanker
Scando C-500-30 crane
Scando C-500-30 fire truck
Scando Datrys Just Cause: Krankos Sedan