Santa Grande is a city in Just Cause Unity.


Santa Grande is the smaller brother to the massive Las Maspalas, with less skyscrapers and more "traditional" buildings. It's the capital of the tightly-ruled Nuevearciffe. The city is quite poor, with more average cars spawning, and a quite sizable amount of buses. It also has a tram system put in place by the previous ruler. Tourists are not as common as they are in Las Maspalas, but they are seen on beaches and in rental cars.


Tourism isn't that big here, with only one hotel in the city. Island hoppers do visit it, and seaplanes owned by companies like BlueIsla can be seen in the marina. There isn't many real tourist attractions either, with the only "attraction" being some cafe on the beachside.


Similar to Las Maspalas, the city is built on a plain, but this city is special in the fact that some of it is built on water. The sea is rather choppy, so expect some chaos when leaving the city by boat. There is some natural greenery in the city, in areas where it is not fully built up yet.


Despite rather heavy surveillance, the city is riddled with crime. Murders, assault and robbery are very common in the poorer areas, and shootouts occasionally happen between criminals and police. Banks aren't very well guarded either, so expect to see cars speeding off with bags of cash in the boot.


The city only has two districts.

Puerto GrandeEdit

Puerto Grande is a district that expands over the coastal areas of the city, it even extends into the middle a bit. It is smaller than the other district, but it's still rather large. It has more chaos objects, as the port sees military use.

Chaos ObjectsEdit

  • 10x Fuel Tank
  • 30x Small Satellite Dish
  • 1x Large Radar
  • 5x Ship Launching Crane
  • 10x Transformer
  • 15x Substation Controls
  • 1x Communications Mast
  • 1x Sucio Statue

Ciudad InteriorEdit

Ciudad Interior is the larger of the two districts, covering a large part of the inland area of the city. It is poorer and is filled with terribly ugly apartments and offices. It has less chaos objects, but it has a police station to make up for it.

Chaos ObjectsEdit

  • 25x Small Satellite Dish
  • 5x Transformer
  • 1x Police Station
  • 3x Sucio Statue