The San Pandici series armored vehicles are a set of armored vehicles in World War Rico.


They all share the same type of body, but weaponry wise is different.

All of them are equipped with Bavarium shields, courtesy of some stolen IBTs from Medici.

San Pandici M131CEdit

This is basically the regular variant made by San Pandici.

It is armed with a dual machine guns and a tank cannon.

San Pandici M132AAEdit

This is the anti-aircraft variant made by San Pandici.

It is armed with dual machine guns and quadruple anti-aircraft guns, coupled with 3 anti-air missiles.

San Pandici M133HEdit

This is the heavy variant made by San Pandici.

It is armed with twelve missile tubes plus dual machine guns. It can also carry an EMP.


  • The naming of this company is a direct combination of the country names from previous Just Cause games: San Esperito, Panau, and Medici.
  • The basis for these vehicles are the Ballard series armored vehicles from Just Cause.
  • M133H is the second rocket artillery vehicle in Just Cause. The first one is this.


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