The San Pandici IBT Mk. II Landkreuzer is a unique tank in World War Rico.


The description for this vehicle as found by Rico in some Black Hand files in the military base he captured states "Originally leased to the Black Hand as IBT No. 257, this vehicle was disassembled and then remade as part of Project P1000. Project P1000 completed March 31st, 2021, exactly 77 years to the date Berlin was last air raided.



  • This was an actual super tank design by the Germans during World War 2, but it was never built due to lack of industrial capacity (because they were losing). See more at Wikipedia. The only drawings of the original are a crude front and a top view. The rest is speculated based on the text info. Officially it was meant to be 1000 tons, but it has been calculated that it would have been around 2000 tons.
  • See also: Urga Imperator Chimaera, another vehicle based on the same real one.