The Sakura Nova WRC is a rally car in Just Cause Lumeri and the Just Racing Series.

Appearance Edit

It is a modified Sakura Nova Gemini 4RC, built for rallying, therefore, it is based on the same real life vehicles. Visual modifications include:

  • Roof mounted air intake.
  • Different front bumper.
  • New wheel rims.
  • New rear spoiler.
  • New rear bumper.

It has a paint job reminiscent of the Subaru WRC's paint job.

Description Edit

"Same as the Gemini but much, much better. So fast you realise you forgot your stomach at the start line. These are ideal for Lumeri's winding forest roads."

Performance Edit

Very, very fast on the dirt, as with the other rally cars. Handling is also great, and it will not bottom out after large jumps.

Locations Edit

  • Rally Events
    • Lacos Rally
    • Montana Hill Climb
  • Races
  • Very rarely racing down dirt roads.

Trivia Edit

  • It is made by the fictional automaker, Sakura.

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