The Titus ZF is a performance car in Just Cause: Hjallesund.


"Not much in the way of comfort, but it handles like a dream, perfectly finding a sweet spot between oversteer and understeer, the Titus ZF is all mechanical, no computers. It does however somewhat lack in speed compared to other cars in it's class but it sure will out-grip and out-handle any car in the corners." - In game description.


It is a performance sports car based on the Titus ZE, therefore making it a Lotus Exige. As it has a V6 it is based on the S variant. It also has the same basic design details as the ZE:

It takes rear influence from the Ferrari 360 and side vents from a McLaren 570s, although lower down on the car. There are also a few details from the Porsche Cayman and to a small extent the Fiat 124 Spyder.

The main visual differences from the Titus ZE are:

  • A front pumper with extra cooling area and a more downforce inducing shape.
  • Wider fenders.
  • Spoiler.
  • Lower suspension.
  • Joined boot/trunk vent (on the front as it is mid engi


As the description suggests it has extremely good handling, but does somewhat lack in speed. The car feels very light in its handling and is prone to losing control due to the removal of ABS, TCS and stability control. It also has an enormous amount of grip.

Racing variantsEdit

There are two racing variants of the vehicle, one a rally car and the other a JRG3 race car, both competing in their respective Just Racing categories. The two variants are the PFM-R and the ZF3 Cup respectively.


  • Hill climb events (on road).
  • Race events.
  • Traffic.
  • Parked.
  • Some collections.



  • It is made by the fictional automaker Titus.