The Sakura EA-68 Fujiwara (トリエノ) is a car in Just Cause Unity.


It is based on the Toyota Sprinter Trueno, with some hints from the Nissan S13 Kouki. It usually comes in a white and black livery, with "トリエノ" written on the side, meaning "drift". It became famous in the 1990s, when a TV show featured it as the star car.

Sakura Fujiwara

Rally Variant


Slidey, but rather slow in a straight line. It is almost unbeatable in the hills, beating even a Niseco Labrys.


  • This is the first car in the series, canon or non-canon, to feature pop-up headlights.
  • It is also known as the Roku-Hachi or Ghost of Canary Pass.
  • It's made by Sakura.