The Sakura/ さくら 戦 ト10 is a vehicle in Just Cause: Cold Blood.


It is the main battle tank of the JSDF in Just Cause: Cold Blood Volume 1.5. It is based off of the real 16式機動戦闘車. It has 8 wheels and a Bavarium Shield+, a new type of Bavarium shield developed by the Japanese Military themselves (albeit supplied by the former Black Hand). It is equipped with a micro-railgun that launches Bavarium projectiles at extremely high speeds at any opponent, which almost all the time instantly kills the opponent.


Quick for a vehicle of it's weight, being able to reach speeds of 100 km/h on a decent straight. It does excellent on the battlefield with all the tech mentioned above.


  • It is pronounced as "Sakura Sen To10" meaning Sakura Battle T10.