Sakura (さくら) is a vehicle manufacturer in multiple fan fiction projects.

Fan Fiction Projects (separate descriptions below)Edit

Fiction by GMREEdit

The Sakura 恐ろしい 嘔吐 is a 4-door car.

Just Cause 4: KarthstanEdit

Sakura returns in QWTF spy's JC4. They're in Karthstan and host various vehicle competitions and races across the country. This becomes an activity the player can choose to compete in.

These competitions are truck races, boat Races, car races, and air races.

If one wins one of their vehicle competitions, they get to keep a race vehicle, however, if they win all of their vehicle competitions. Their reward will be 10,000,000,000 dollars (or 10 billion dollars, which is a huge amount of money).

They appear to make Sakura Chalmers and others.

Just Cause 4: SakakuEdit

(No description available)

Just Cause: KrankosEdit

In Krankos they are back and producing cars. But no-one knows where the cars come from or how the cars get there.

Just Cause UnityEdit

Sakura New Logo

Sakura Logo in Just Cause Unity

In Just Cause Unity, Sakura has a new, more simple logo. It produces a lot of cars, including some sports cars. They have a JP-exclusive tuning company known as Kazuma.

Just Cause: HjallesundEdit

In Just Cause: Hjallesund, Sakura retains its logo from Just Cause 2. It produces three models of the same vehicle, and one one minivan. It is based on Subaru, Toyota and Honda.

They produce four cars in Just Cause: Hjallesund:

Name Type Real-life counterpart
Sakura Nova AWD hot hatch Subaru Impreza WRX STi
Sakura Jupiter Minivan Lada Nadezhda

List of products (in all games)Edit

Vehicle Game Type Photo Notes
'94 Sakura Paloma Just Cause: Paradiso Islands Pickup truck
Correx Sakura Ambulance Just Cause 4: Karthstan Ambulance
Correx Ambulance
Sakura Aquila Classic Just Cause IV: El Patrick ?
Sakura ARC-01 Just Cause 4: Sakaku Armed race car of unidentified origin
Sakura ARC-01
Sakura Beygir Just Cause: Krankos Taxi-sedan
Sakura C-100 Just Cause Unity Passenger Jet
Sakura C-100
Sakura Fujiwara (トリエノ) Just Cause Unity Sports Car
IMG 20170720 230923
Sakura Inkeichisana Just Cause Unity Basic car
Sakura Inkeichisana
Sakura JB007RR Just Cause Unity Sports car
Sakura JB007RR
Armed with machine guns
Sakura Jupiter Just Cause: Hjallesund Minivan
Sakura Jupiter
Sakura Kampuchea Just Cause 4: Karthstan Compact car
Sakura Kampuchea
Sakura Mentaru Just Cause Unity Sports car
Sakura Mentaru
Sakura Morioh Just Cause Unity Sports car
Sakura Yoshikage K
Sakura Nova Just Cause: Hjallesund Hatchback
Screen Shot 2017-03-18 at 11.02.36 AM
Sakura Oto Just Cause: Paradiso Islands Hatchback
Sakura R287 Just Cause: Paradiso Islands Sports car
Sakura R287
Sakura Rice Just Cause 4: Karthstan Van
Sakura Rice
Sakura Rico C88 Just Cause: Your Nation Sedan
Sakura Sankura Just Cause Unity Pick-up truck
Sakura Sankura
Sakura Takanashi Just Cause Unity Basic car
Sakura Takanashi
Sakura Traveller Just Cause: Your Nation Minivan
Sakura Warrior Just Cause: Australian Isles Sports car
1993 Sbarro Isatis 02
Sakura Yakuza Just Cause 4: Karthstan Aircraft
Sakura Bi-Plane
Sakura 恐ろしい 嘔吐 Fiction by GMRE 4-door car
Sakura barf (front corner)
Makes NPCs barf.

Cut game contentEdit

Vehicle Game Type Photo Notes
Sakura Fujiwara (トリエノ) Just Cause Unity Sports car
Sakura Fujiwara (ドリフト)
Vehicle still existent, but infobox picture replaced by above picture