Sakaku International Airport is a location in Just Cause 4: Sakaku.


It's the only international airport, or even airport in Sakaku.

Sakaku Ministry of Defense plans reveal:

Sakaku International Airport originally started out as Sakaku Airport from the 1930s. It served as a military airport for the Soviet Air Force from the 1950s to 1990s, where it then became Sakaku International Airport. Sakaku Airlines, the only airline indigenously owned by Sakaku, bases its HQ here. After the Cold War ended, security became a big issue after the almost immediate break out of civil war and then-Colonel Joseph Inouye was ordered to protect the airport. In 2013 now-President/General Joseph Inouye ordered a colossal contingent of the Sakakan Army to guard the airport for unspecified reasons.

Mission appearanceEdit

Main article: Welcome to Sakaku

The airport has been under siege since 1992, but only in this mission is the fighting actually featured. To avoid spoilers, visit the mission article yourself.

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