"Adios, golden boy" - Rico destroying a Said Farrah statue.

Said Farrah statues are political monuments of democratically elected dictator Said Farrah and sabotageable destructible objects in QWTF spy's JC4.

Description Edit

Karthstan has many destructible statues of Said Farrah. The statues are made of gold and stand on top of pedestals, the statues depict Said Farrah wearing a suit and a cape. It's explained in the Said Farrah audio diaries that the gold statues are made from FarrahGold.

Destructibility Edit

These statues are larger and on higher pedestals than the Di Ravello statues, so it may be more difficult to destroy them without heavy weapons. A single unupgraded grappler cable (level 1) is unable to harm the statue. A level 2 grappler will harm the statue, this can be gained by completing "Corestar" mission winch is the first faction mission introduced in Just Cause 4: Karthstan.

They can be pulled down with the Grappler, or by grappling vehicles to them. They can be destroyed with an explosive.

The chaos points received will be 200 and the safe distance is 10 meters.


At nearly all towns and cities where a Said Farrah is found, however, Al-Sharma does not have them due to the disputes between Ayyoob and Said Farrah.


  • This is the first time the dictator's statues are made of gold.
  • The inspiration for the statues come from North Korea and Turkmenistan.