Said Farrah audio diaries are collectable items in Just Cause 4: Karthstan.

Di Ravello tape

A Said Farrah audio diary.


They're a type of Collectable Items in Karthstan, in the form of Said Farrah's personal audio diary logs. The tapes are marked "1990" to "2013" there's a total of 60 tapes.

Said's tone turns to uninspiring to charismatic as the tapes progress.

He tells the story of his entire military career from joining the Gulf War as an Army private to becoming the dictator of the Middle Eastern nation of Karthstan.

Strangely, despite containing incriminating private info, these tapes are often located at dumps, alleys and balconies at towns.

Aug 2th, 1990Edit

"Upon hearing of Iraq invading Kuwait, I immediately signed up for the job. Wait, what is this thing? A tape recorder? Ok.... um... hello, my name is Said Farrah, Said Raihaan Haidar Farrah to be exact, but people just call me Said Farrah, so I will use that name. So my military career begins hopefully when I passed boot camp. I will take this with me."

Nov 12th, 1990Edit

"Graduation day. My unit is 47th Infantry, and they said I had to be there in a day. They say war is hell, well I'm about to go to hell. I'll update this tomorrow when I get there and let's hope I don't die huh?"

Nov 14th, 1990Edit

"Just got here, my job is engineer and occasional foot soldier. we are given the duty to maintain our camp from Iraqi invaders. Anyways, time to talk about my life later. I passed boot camp about a day ago. I already knew what it was gonna like trust me, as I watched Full Metal Jacket and other war movies so I know for a fact that your drill instructor is going to scream at you. I feel like a dick for taking this tape recorder but it was just laying around and it said "Military" so I thought no one won't mind. I've to go now. We have a briefing at 04:00 AM.

Nov 15th, 1990Edit

"Nov 15th, 1990. That sounds much better. So.... little backstory, I was born in 1967 into a moderately rich family, and I use that term quite loosely. Anyway, just joined up for the military in this...."Gulf War" as they're calling it. My squad will be on a mission soon. We're gonna be fighting in Kuwait soon. All I just hope is I don't get severely injured or worse, die."