STN is a vehicle and weapons manufacturer company in Just Cause Unity.
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They make military vehicles and weapons. The name stands for Star of The North (Africa) and they are based in Africa.


In the 1980s, the Moroccan Military needed their own vehicle manufacturer as importing vehicles was pricey, so they hired engineers to make military vehicles in partnership with URGA, gradually, they started exporting these vehicles to a lot of success and now STN make a range of vehicles.

Vehicles Edit

Name Description Picture
STN A6-7D Hrom X A large military helicopter.
STN AD-76D Hrom
STN P-85 A small patrol boat.
STN Sea Serpent A fast attack craft. Placeholder.
STN Cranepaw Similar to the Quapaw, but it's an aerial crane.
STN Cranepaw
STN T-12 Constrictor Assault rifle.
STN T-12 Constrictor
STN G-5 Dart Frog Dual pistols.
STN RPG-8 COBRA Missile launcher.
STN RPG-8 Cobra
STN T-12 Viper Multi-role fighter
STN T-12 Viper
STN I-29 Hooh Stealth bomber
STN Hooh


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